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Achieve Success in Life using Cosmic Forces Energy

Early Teachings of Cosmic Forces

Current Famous Methods Used in Achieving Success

There have been different levels of beliefs, methods and rituals in acquiring power, success, higher intelligence, fame, alternative medicines or healing process and finding the perfect love match through mind enhancement programs and rituals that were derived from different cultures and spiritual beliefs around the world.

Mind enhancement is the modern terminology when we refer to these rituals and most of these beliefs come from different levels of forces or energy. Some famous rituals or beliefs that we are aware of are the following:

Feng Shui (Chinese) is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. The literal translation is “wind and water” and it involves the use of geographical, psychological, philosophical, mathematical, aesthetic, and astrological concepts in relation to space and energy flow. It is a discipline with guidelines compatible with many different techniques of architectural planning.

Yoga (India) is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy, focusing on meditation as a path to self-knowledge and liberation. In India, Yoga is seen as a means to both physiological and spiritual mastery. But this is just limited to improving the mental and physical aspects of man.

Aside from these two beliefs, there are other various forms of rituals and beliefs around the world that were recorded and unrecorded. All of these have one objective and that is to attain the specific needs of mankind in his life by attuning to a higher level of energy, force or willpower that can materialize success in terms of financial gain, wisdom, protection, career, love and other primary needs.

Human Form From Sacred Geometry

New Research Discovery: Omni Cosmic Psychometrics

Scientists and Parapsychologists all over the world have been researching for the perfect method since time immemorial of discovering the secrets of Incas in creating a modern civilization and advanced technologies during their time. In the 1970’s, an elite group of known scientists in Europe and Asia wherein Dr. Ernesto V Romasanta, (M.D. Orthopeadics Surgeon – Fellow), who made the first successful major operation of scoliosis in Europe at that time, has been part of the research in studying the roots of early man (ancient bones, etc.) and their beliefs.

He made a discovery of excavating an old INCA manuscript that revealed the secret of controlling your Omni Cosmic Psychometrics (OCP) body energies and what were the benefits achieved using this method. It pertains to a powerful constellation force and a set of instructions to be followed, that will start the application of this energy source to let man succeed in his life in terms of achieving perfect health through healing, success in his business career, materialize money through magnetism methods, help find a perfect partner in life, improve psychic skills and other remarkable benefits that are vital needs for every person to enjoy and live life to the fullest.

Remember that the Inca’s was a laborious and intelligent town which dominated mathematics, astronomy, architecture and ceramics during the period of 1200 and 1535 AD.

For a moment, this information was kept secretly and only a few have a copy of this manuscript that contains this powerful information. Some have applied it personally and the outcome gave amazing results in their lives by using this ancient method continuously. There was even a perception that the Omni Cosmic Psychometrics (OCP) method was even used by Pharaohs before building the modern civilization of Egypt and the famous pyramids.

Using the Omni Cosmic Psychometrics Methods Provides Numerous Benefits

Improve Health Conditions

Teach you how to attain perfect health conditions and even provides information in self-healing techniques. Regular practice will get rid of daily stress from work pressures and body tensions. This will improve your body health and have renewed energy in your system and even learn the basics of instant body healing through Psychic Healing.

Protection and Safety

This is beneficial for people that are always on the road. A powerful method that gives protection in all your travels and feel safe wherever you are.

Career Advancement

It is an perfect method used by job seekers in looking for that perfect position they always dreamed of and for professionals who wanted to improve their business careers.

Improve your Finances

Learn the secret on how to magnetize money and start improving your finances using these ancient methods. This e-book will even teach you the techniques of visualization and materializing your desires in life but you must use money wisely to retain the flow of this resource in your life.

Total Self Improvement

This is the major benefit a person can have by following carefully and precisely all the instructions of this e-book. Once you have started using this effective application you will start improving your personality without knowing it and your family, friends, business peers and even the surrounding community will begin to have a good impression about you.

Finding your Perfect Mate

Did you know that we have the capability to use our Psychometric forces to locate our perfect mate in life? Yes, it is possible and you may not believe that it really does work.

Develop your Intuitive Skills or Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

This e-book will teach you the basics of improving your intuitive skills such as contacting another person’s mind when he sleeps and many more.

A Rare Opportunity That Will Improve Your Life To The Fullest

The complete version of this manuscript has been digitally converted into an 8 page e-book entitled: The Secrets of Omni Cosmic Psychometrics Revealed. This will give you a rare opportunity to know the secrets used many centuries ago that was proven effective by the Inca civilization. Be the first to grab this opportunity and start applying these successful methods immediately and experience the flow of abundant success come into your life.

The Secret of Omni Cosmic Psychometrics Revealed e-book has been developed based from the exact content of the INCA manuscripts that indicated all the methods in acquiring wealth, wisdom, health, protection, perfect love partner, self-improvement, psychic development and much more to discover after reading the book.

This e-book that was never been published globally in any bookstore and even over the net. A special price tag is worth enough to learn this ancient wisdom that were used even by Kings, Emperors and High Priests of different religions all over the world.

Email us for a price quote. After verification of your payment, you will be sent a copy of our e-book within 24-hours through your personal email or from a download link.

All sales generated by this e-book are used as a development fund to help less fortunate children from chosen charitable institutions by providing their basic needs such as education, food and shelter which was the objective plan of it’s author, Dr. E. V. Romasanta Sr., M.D. Fellow.

About the Author

The Secret of Omni Cosmic Psychometrics Revealed

Dr. Ernesto V. Romasanta Sr. has been a Consultant for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Team and Urological Team. Conducted the first successful Scoliosis surgery in Europe in the 1970’s era and has been an Orthopedic Consultant in various hositals in Europe, US, Japan and Asia. Some of the hospitals where he continued his study and research about Scoliosis were the following: Royal National Orthopedic Hospital in Scotland, Prince Edward’s War Memorial Hospital in North Wales, England and Nufield Ortho Hospital in Oxford University, London. He was then appointed as a Scientist-4 level physician and was assigned to do research on ancient diseases in the Spine by the British Museum of Natural History in London.

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Please email us the details on price quote and our Paypal account and allow us to verify your order within 24 hours upon receipt of your payment details. We will send a copy of The Secrets of Omni Cosmic Psychometrics Revealed e-book through e-mail or from a download link once your payment has been verified.

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The Secret of Omni Cosmic Psychometrics Revealed

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The Life of Commander Ivory

Recently, I have watched a World War 2 episode in History Channel about the History of War Battle in Manila. It was then that I had an eyewitness of the whole story in that historical disaster created by war between American and Japanese soldiers. Total casualties according to US Army statistics are as follows (estimated):

Japanese: 6,550+
Americans: 1,500+
Filipino civilians: 100,000 (mostly Filipino captives, women and children)

I realized that there were no real heroes from that war. Not even Gen. Douglas Mac Arthur. Even if he has returned here in the Philippines. Still, it was not that triumphant at all. The goal of saving the lives of many Filipinos was rather ironic in the end. Especially the US bombing in Intramuros. The casualties indicated above was only in the part of the Intramuros. So, what more if we added the casualties in the area of Luzon or even the entire country of the Philippines?

My father, Dr. Ernesto Romasanta Sr., an orthopedic surgeon and Scientist 4 sent by Malacañang to Europe who had made the first scoliosis operation in the 1970’s era was also a Hukbalahap member according to his stories to me when I was still a child. His codename was Commander Ivory and together with an elite team killed Colonel Tanaka, who was one of the most brutal Japanese officer who killed innocent Filipinos, even women and children in Manila during the Japanese occupation. At first, I had a little remorse of what he did but after watching that episode. I believe he was one of our heroes and several Hukbalahap guerrillas at that time who assasinated Japanese officers who had practiced brutality amongst the Filipinos.

Since he was still in his teen years during that time and after the war ended in March, 1945. He even had a chance to go to the hotel room of Gen. Yamashita in Manila Hotel and in the adjacent room was Gen. Douglas Mc Arthur.

Gen. Yamashita treated my father as a “son” to him and he even shined his boots and at the same time was also a close confidante with Gen. Mc Arthur.

After World War 2, he continued his studies and became a resident doctor in Philippine Orthopedic Hospital. This was the time that President Marcos was closely coordinating with my father and he was his Neuro surgeon at that time. That was during the 1970’s era and was the highlight of treasure hunting in the Philippines. At that time, everybody was searching for the Yamashita treasure and hoping that they could find it someday. Discovery Channel even made an episode about it. If the treasure was really true or just a myth. Maybe, I will discuss this further in upcoming blog posts if ever. But one fact is for sure, the Japanese planned to make the Philippines as their Central Bank of all the loots (gold, silver and jewelries) that they have gathered during the war that came from other countries and never thought that in due time they will be defeated by the Americans. A plan that was the biggest mistake of their lives.

At that time, many heard that Marcos have dug up several Japanese gold sites and this was placed in the central bank. There was a time that when they were discussing with my father, he has plans to make the Philippines one of the richest country here in Asia. So, they made a plan on what to do. But after a while, the EDSA Revolution happened and Marcos was exiled.

During the Cory administration, the US President wrote her a letter endorsing Dr. Romasanta to be the Secretary of Health at that time but this never happened since there were some lacking documents needed that was in the hands of one of her Cojuangco cousin. This had been a big disappointment on Dr. Romasanta’s part which was supposed to lead for him to help the government as planned with former President Marcos.

In the last years of his life, he dedicated giving free services to poor people who cannot afford commercial doctors and those who seek second opinions for his consultation since he was a Fellow member of an elite group of famous doctors around the world. He lived in a simple home in Pasig until his death more than 6 years ago after his birthday in September, 2002.

For me, he is one of the hero not only within the Romasanta clan but in the Philippines. I just made this blog in his memory after watching that episode in History channel that revealed the brutality of war and why the Americans bombarded Intramuros without thinking about the safety of the civilians inside the fort. I saw how the US officers who were interviewed in that episode cried in despair and from guilt but the damage has been done.

Currently, there are still Hukbalahap members who were part of the US troops and followed orders from them but have not been given the proper benefits as a World War 2 Veteran and I pity them and their families. I just hope someday they can be blessed in return from the suffering and sacrifices they made during that war.

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